At Auto Restoration Techniques you can find Quality Service for your SAAB, Motor and Body Service and Restoration, Framework and a quality parts NEW and USED provider. We also have Reconditioned and Restored SAABS available for purchase. Jim Meara has over 30 years experience in the automotive repair and restoration industry.
Auto Restoration Techniques got me back on the road and driving in style. We're very happy with the quality of the work they provided for our 1999 Saab 900 Turbo. ----Sincerely, Brent & Dianna Stevens
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Saabparts4u is located in Columbus Ohio. We also do restoration and service work of older and late model Saabs and other autos. We also repair,service and restore vintage VW vehicles!
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We are your one stop Saab Service Shop in the Central Ohio area. If you are a Saab lover, then stop by and see us. We will keep your Saab looking and running great.